Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another deer hunting season has come and gone.Sept. 4th opening day of bow season in Kentucky was where the fun began for me this year. On Sept.5th I had filled my buck tag on a soybean field in western Kentucky.What a great way to start. Alabama's bow season still a month and half away and I had already got the monkey off my back.
Oct.24th my camera man Glenn and myself were rolling into Carmi, Illinois for 5 days of competion at the Campbells Outdoor Whitetail challenge,a team event where a bow hunter and camera man team compete against other teams from all over the country. This is a great event that I would highly recommend trying if you ever get the oppurtunity.The accommodations and staff were all first class. By the end of this event I had filled my Illinois buck and doe tags and had a coyote as a bonus. We were lucky enough to get this all on video. It will be shown on the "VS" channel later this year. As soon as the air time is anounced, I will post it on my blog.
From Illinois it was back home to Alabama. The Alabama season was very tough this year. We had lots of rain which resulted in a bumper acorn crop,and plenty of other food sources that were abundant throughout the entire season. This was good for the deer but made trying to pattern food sources hit or miss at best. The abundant food sources combined with two full moons in January, and a late Alabama rut that didn't get into full swing until the 3rd week of January kept the deer in nocturnal pattern. It appears that the best hunting conditions will take place after the season is over which is often the case in Alabama
Even with the tough conditions in Alabama, the season as a whole was still a memorable one. I was able to fill my buck tags in 3 states along with a couple of does and a coyote.
Well Febuary is here so it looks like predators and pigs until March. I guess everyone knows what March brings? Gobble! Gobble!

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