Saturday, January 22, 2011

The rut is on

The bucks are finally rutting here in central Alabama where I live. There is one week of deer season left so burn those vacation days and stay in the woods all day. Bucks are on there feet and moving during daylight hours so get in the woods early and stay late. The bucks are covering lots of ground looking for receptive does so I like to hunt travel corridors and doe bedding areas at this time. Bucks will be scent checking these places regularly. Clearcuts seem to be good also. Don't be shy about using grunt calls and can calls. They can be really productive right now. I used a grunt call to call in a 8 point two weeks ago and a combination of tending grunts and doe bleats to call in a nice 9 point on Jan. 20th. We've only got one week left so make the best of it. Stay in the woods all day, hunt those areas with lots of doe activity and use your calls.