Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fish for Lunch

This past week, I had the rare opportunity to mix a little pleasure into a mid-week work day. We were working at a residence in my hometown of Chelsea, Alabama. The home owner who is also a good friend of mine has about a 3 acre lake on his property and informed me that it was stocked with bream and also had some pretty nice largemouth in it. Tuesday morning before leaving home for work, I grabbed a couple of reel & rods and a small tackle box out of my boat and stashed them in my truck. As we were working that morning, I noticed that the bream were feeding pretty heavily on top and I would see an occasional swirl that I recognized as bass attacking these bream that were feeding on top. For lunch I decided to grab a reel & rod instead of a sandwich. I tied on a 1/4 oz. War Eagle spinnerbait and began waking the bait just under the water's surface in the area that the bream were feeding. When it was time to call an end to lunch and get back to work, I had six very nice bass to show for the effort with the best four fish weighing over 5 lbs. each and the largest exceeding 9 lbs. Best lunch break I can remember!